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Educational Research


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Educational Research (ISSN:2141-5161) Vol. 2(13), pp. 1876-1885 December Special Issue 2011         
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Full Length Research Paper


Gender Inequalities in Early Childhood Development Education Teaching Profession in Kenya


1Truphena E Mukuna and 2Stanley N Mutsotso


1Narok University College, Department of Curriculum Instruction and Educational Admnistration, P.O Box 861 Narok.

2Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, Department of Curriculum and Instructional Media P.O Box 190, Kakamega.


*Corresponding Author E-mail:;   

Tel: +254722867440


Received 29 November, 2011; Accepted 12 December, 2011





Gender imbalance in the pre-school teaching profession and feminization of the profession has been a common practice world over. In Kenya, there is an emergent trend of men training as professionals in Early Childhood Development Education but they are underrepresented. The purpose of this study was to investigate the factors influencing the gender imbalance in pre-school teaching workforce using a case study. The research sample comprised of 108 pre-school in-service teachers in teacher training institutions in Narok Municipality. Stratified followed by random sampling techniques were employed. The research methodology was qualitative .Focus Group Discussions followed by Key Informant Interviews were used to generate data. This study revealed that culture is the main determinant of feminization of pre-school teaching profession. Men were getting interested in pre-school education but to perform administrative duties not necessarily to teach. Additionally, male parents reported that they were uncomfortable in involving themselves in pre-schools.


Keywords: Gender, early childhood education, teaching, profession, feminization, culture.


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 Educ. Res.  

Vol. 2 No. 13

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